A gastronomic week on the yacht in Neapolitan Gulf

from €1,165 per person

Journey on a premium sailing yacht from Naples to Pompeii (Pompeii)

An exclusive gastronomic sailing voyage

on the picturesque islands and the coast of southern Italy

Unforgettable boat trips on the azure smooth surface of the Tyrrhenian Sea, unique walking routs in the footsteps of ancient history, gastronomic discoveries and experiments, dishes from the best Italian chefs in restaurants with Michelin stars, the best spas and locations on the World Heritage List

Yacht charter cost

passenger capacity from 6 to 8 people
From €7 000 to €10 000 a week depending on the season
9 000 € /8 days
9 500 € /8 days
10 000 € /8 days
7 000 € /8 days

Included in the price

  • Luxury sailing yacht charter for 6 passengers for 8 days
  • 3 well-appointed double cabins of a five-star hotel standard
  • Licensed skipper
  • Excursions
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Airport transfer
  • Unique itinerary
  • Table reservation at the best restaurants on the route
  • Crew list (substitutes a hotel booking for a visa application)
  • Health and safety induction
  • Final yacht cleaning

Additional costs

  • A round trip flight to / from Naples airport
  • Schengen visa assistance
  • Food and drinks on board and at the restaurants
  • Services of a flight attendant - €100 per day
  • Yacht fuel (no more than €200 for the entire trip)
  • Parking in harbours - €150-250 per day
  • Medical insurance for traveling abroad
  • School of skippers - arrangement of training on the basics skills of yachting during a trip (optional) with obtaining yacht controlling license of the level Bareboat Skipper - €1500
  • Insurance deposit for the yacht - returned at the end of the trip
  • Personal expenses

A voyage on the yacht is planned to the smallest detail!

You will have an unforgettable week in the Gulf of Naples. All you need is to choose your dates, book a yacht and pack a suitcase. The TABI team will take care of the details and take into account the personal wishes of each participant travelling under sail. We will meet you at the airport, prepare and refuel the yacht, provide you with comfortable accommodation, reserve parking in ports and tables in authentic restaurants, organize non-standard excursions to unique places and leisure.

Do you want to relax in bed longer or, on the contrary, meet sunrises every day? Prefer to start the morning with a cup of coffee and fresh local pastries? Would you like a box of champagne and a romantic dinner in the bay? Need a spontaneous stop in the Mediterranean for swimming or fishing? Planned to mark a special date? We organize everything and adapt to your schedule!

A unique yacht route:

without crowds of tourists and classic routes

No need for yacht controlling experience:

experienced skippers and yachting training

Exclusive places:

discoveries of travelers with 10 years of experience

Premium vacations:

water and land comfort to the highest standards

Day 1, Saturday** Naples

You will be accommodated on a yacht and will make an evening promenade around the city, the center of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Walking through the narrow streets of pompous Naples along the embankment, you will admire the grandeur of the Royal Palace Palazzo Reale di Napoli, the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, modeled on the Roman Pantheon, and the large Galleria Umberto I shopping arcade with a glass roof and stained glass windows. You will learn the legend of Castel dell’Ovo’s enchanted egg, the mystery of the Cathedral of St. Januarius and the history of Castel Nuovo. And you will even go down to the catacombs of Naples and the metro to visit the most beautiful stations of the world, inlaid with small mosaics of all shades of blue, holographic images and neon installations. You will also see the only active volcano Vesuvius in mainland Europe! And, of course, acquaintance with the birthplace of pizza will end with dinner at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, where Julia Roberts ate “Margherita” so mouth –watering  in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Day 2, Sunday Island of Ischia
After a 4-hour sailing trip on the azure smooth surface of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you will find yourself on the emerald island of Ischia, world-famous healing thermal springs. In just one day, you will see three “sleeping” volcanoes at once – Monte Vezzi, Trobotti and Epomeo, the picturesque Aragonese Castello Aragonese castle on the rocky shore, the Museum of the famous director Luchino Visconti in the summer residence of La Colombaia, the gardens of La Mortella at the foot of Monte Zaro and Ravino gardens with lively cacti sculptures.You will relax on the Maronti beach with incredibly soft golden sand and in the largest thermal complex Giardini Poseidon Terme in the bay of Citara with 18 hot pools, tennis courts, spa treatments and even a source for foot massage. We will reserve a table for you in the Alberto family restaurant, which is situated on stilts directly into the sea and is famous for its traditional island cuisine and the best selection of local wines. The owner will personally meet you, hold a tasting of local varieties of wines Frassitelli, Ambra and Epomeo, serve a fragrant Iskit rabbit (coniglio all’ischitana), mussel soup, king mackerel, octopus, sea urchin, tuna, and for dessert – rum with Istikansky lemon liqueur.
Day 3, Monday Island of Capri
From the island of 24-hour relaxation, you will transfer to a premium yacht to the ancient residence of emperors and the favorite resort of the world elite. Politicians Tiberius, Octavian Augustus, Churchill and Eisenhower, writers Somerset Maugham, Thomas Mann and Andre Gide, painter Modigliani, poets Rilke, Oscar Wilde and Pablo Neruda, architect Le Corbusier, composer Tchaikovsky, directors Jean Cocteau and Jean Luc Godard lived on the island of Capri . You will begin your acquaintance with Capri from the island’s visiting card – on a small rowing boat you will swim inside the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), where, due to the special natural lighting, the water is of a magic sapphire colour. You will visit the ruins of the Sea Palace of the Emperor Augustus Palazzo al Mare, the Baths of Tiberio and the most famous of the emperor’s 12 villas – Villa Jupiter on the highlands of Monte Tiberio, as well as the Villa of the Italian writer Curzio Malaparte, where the movie “Contempt” with Brigitte Bardot was shot starring. From the harbour of Marina Grandeyou will take the funicular to the “heart” of the island and slowly walk along one of the smallest and most famous squares of the world- the pyazetta Umberto, where artists, musicians, businessmen and tourists from all over the world meet in the evening. We will reserve a table for you overlooking the sea in the atmospheric Mamma restaurant with a Michelin star, which reflects the spirit of the island. For dinner, they serve a 4-course tasting set and a perfectly matched wine.
Day 4, Tuesday Island of Capri and Marina d'Arechi, Salerno

You will continue to dive into the fabulous atmosphere of the island of Capri, as if created for exciting walks, gastronomic pleasures and romantic photo shoots. You will stroll in the shady coolness of the Emperor Augustus Gardens, admire from the botanical park the majestic Faraglioni Sea Rocks and the panoramic pedestrian road Via Krupp and go down to the best beaches of Marina Piccola – Dà Gioia and Canzone del Mare. You will make gorgeous photos from the observation deck of the Belvedere Cannon, from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the bay with pebble beaches, crystal clear sea, quaint cliffs and snow-white yachts. You will climb the famous observation deck at Cape Punta Tragara and the highest point of the island, Mount Solaro, to see the whole Gulf of Naples. An unforgettable adventure will be the descent of the legendary Phoenician stairs Scala Fenicia, consisting of 921 steps. You will visit the mosaic-decorated Cave of the Great Mother in the bowels of Mount Tuoro.

Day 5, Wednesday Amalfi Coast
After a short boat trip, a snow-white yacht will take you to a fabulous town, which presented the world with the first magnetic compass and the Maritime Code. You will anchor near the picturesque historical city of Amalfi, named after the nymph whom Hercules himself loved! There are no luxurious beaches here, but it is breathtaking from beautiful panoramas from any point of the city, cozy bays, picturesque capes, majestic grottoes, powerful rocks, winding roads, lush Italian vegetation, an abundance of lemon trees, steep alleys and stairs, summer residences of movie stars and politicians. You will enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, peace, fresh air, the hospitality of the locals and the delicacies of the local cuisine. And during a sightseeing tour, you will feel that literally every stone under your feet breathes history. You will visit the most beautiful Cathedral of the Italian South, where the relics of St. Andrew are kept. You will see the antique process of making the famous Amalfi paper by hand in the museum of the Amatrud paper mill. Exploring the sights will smoothly turn into a gastronomic journey. You will dine at the museum-restaurant La Caravella, the first in the south of Italy to be awarded a Michelin star. Taste the masterpieces of the chef Antonio Dipino, visit the unique wine cellar, admire the frescoes of the Italian artist Luca Mancini, silks from 1700 and the world ceramics collection from 1800.
Day 6, Thursday Castellammare di Stabia, Pompeii
In search of ancient villas and the legendary ruins of Stabiae and Pompeii, you will moor to the shores of the quiet harbor of the aristocratic resort town of Castellammare di Stabia, where Nikolai Gogol wrote Dead Souls, and Luigi Denz – the Neapolitan hit “Funiculì, Funicula”. You will have a unique opportunity to climb to the mouth of the active volcano of Vesuvius and visit the ancient cities that were buried under its lava, and later excavated – a nature reserve, a national park and an open-air museum. You will drink in a cafe right by the crater a glass of wine from grapes from the slopes of the volcano. Admire the breathtaking views of Naples and the bay from the summit of Vesuvius. You will visit the excavations on the Varano Plateau, as well as the famous villas of Ariadne and San Marco, hanging over a rocky cliff. You will enjoy the amazing sunset on the beach overlooking Mount Vesuvius and the cliffs of the island of Capri. You will finish such a busy day with a gourmet dinner in the best Pompeii restaurant La Bettola Del Gusto from the Red Michelin Guide, where the young chef will arrange a real journey through Italian cuisine.
Day 7, Friday Pompeii and Naples
You will touch the history, witness the events of a thousand years ago time and feel the atmosphere of the city, buried alive under a multimeter layer of ash and lava of a capricious volcano in the year 79. You will visit the huge ancient Roman city-museum of Pompeii under the open sky, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will book tickets for you in advance so that you get to the archaeological complex without queues. During a tour of the excavations of the ancient city you will see the ruins of the oldest temple of the Greek god Apollo with a majestic colonnade and frescoes with scenes from the Trojan War. Take a walk on the street Abundance and the Garden of Refugees. You enter the Barracks of the gladiators, the antique gym for the well-off residents of the city of Great Palestra and the first-century brothel Lupanarium. You will admire the majesty of the Amphitheater and the Forum.You will visit the Baths, the House of Venus in the sink, the 2000-year-old Diner Thermopoly and other monuments of ancient architecture. The final chord of the trip will be an evening sailing trip on a comfortable yacht in the picturesque waters of Naples and an unforgettable farewell dinner on the ship.
Day 8, Saturday** Naples

You will have breakfast on the yacht, after which the transfer will take you to the airport of Naples, and you will go home.

* TABI reserves the right to make changes to the route. ** The time of check-in and check-out depends on the time of your arrival and departure

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