Gastronomic yacht tour

on the Gulf of Naples in 2019

Exclusive gastronomic travel routes on a sailing yacht in the Gulf of Naples. We start from the ports of Naples, Ischia, Capri, Positano.

What makes TABI itineraries special?

You create your own unique sailing story

You are not going on another port hopping tour. We offer more than that – to see your dreams come true. Our itineraries are based on discoveries and recommendations of seasoned travelers, who sailed for more than 10,000 hours. They can be tailored to your tastes, you can change your route, make spontaneous stops, enter the bays you find attractive and even stand at the helm. Life is a lot more fun if you follow your impulses!

Away with monotony!

TABI team makes sure that your sea adventure is a journey from point A to point B, without repetition and monotony. You set off at one port and finish your trip at another. The world is so huge! Why visit the same places when there are so many new sites to discover?

Your journey is away from touristy places

but it follows traditional holiday destinations of the Spanish royal family, international celebrities and successful businessmen. We offer you sunrises and sunsets in picturesque bays, swimming in crystal clear water, little paradise coves hidden on the way from Europe to Africa, gastronomical discoveries in both Michelin restaurants and simple local fisherman’s taverns with a family history.

You travel with the people you love

There won’t be any strangers on your yacht, just your close friends, family or business partners. You make all choices – who you travel with, where you go, what yacht you charter – and then you set off to explore the world! Based on your choice, we will select the right type of vacation for you – a romantic weekend, a family week, a fun party, a business trip or an adventure cruise.

Choose destination for your sailing yacht cruise in the Mediterranean

Gastronomic weekend on a sailing yacht in the Gulf of Naples

Your unique route* of weekend getaway in the Gulf of Naples:

Pompei - Island of Ischia - Island of Capri - Naples

A gastronomic week on the yacht in Neapolitan Gulf

Journey on a premium sailing yacht from Naples to Pompeii

Naples - Island of Ischia - Island of Capri - Marina d'Arechi, Salerno - Amalfi Coast - Castellammare di Stabia, Pompeii - Pompeii - Naples

* TABI company reserves the right to change the itineraries

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